subject: offer of hosting judo player in USA

I would like to host a Judo-ka from Japan to stay at my house.
He should be able to speak a little english, but I speak some
Japanese. My son has been going to Nihongo-Gakuen for 10
years and will be able to translate if necessary.

There is a 2 year college within 8 miles of my house. We practice
Judo at a small club in my town.

The judoka should a strong yodan (18 to 25 years old). Friendly
and willing to pass on his judo skills to students at the judo dojo

I take my son to. Also, when he speaks to my son I would
like him to speak only Japanese when talking to my son
(help my won improve his hearing and speaking Japanese). Also,
watch manga and japanese programs on TV with my son.

He will be responsible for paying for his own transportation,
educational costs at college, college text books.

We will provide him his own room and will provide him all his
meals. He will have to share a bathroom with my son.

My son (age 15) spent 1 month in Japan last summer and I feel
that having somebody come here to spend a year with us would
help improve my sons japanese immensely.

Please pass the word around. my email address is:


If for some reason, that doesn't work they can reach me
by emailing to:

 : judoweb@judoweb.com

My web page is:



By the way, I would think that others in the USA and around
the world would like to offer the same kind of arrangements
to good judo players in japan that

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